Estreptococo: 6 nuevos casos en un jardín de infantes. Ver más ideas sobre Hetalia, Latin hetalia, Querer querernos. Argentina/Brazil (Hetalia) Argentina (Hetalia) Brazil (Hetalia) tw smut; pra fechar o evento com chave de ouro; human!AU; feliz dia da amizade argentina-brazil pessoal; brargweek; BrargWeek2020; Summary I don't know why it moves.) India is Hot and Look a Nyotalia. See more ideas about hetalia, hetalia ships, hetalia axis powers. More than that though, both share a great love for cod and sometimes tend to get carried away and talk for hours about it, leaving the rest of the people confused. More than that though, both share a great love for cod and sometimes tend to get carried away and talk for hours about it, leaving the rest of the people confused. Acá están los links, no se olviden de darle amor a todos. [APH - Latin Hetalia] Brazil x Argentina. So Much Art. Zulenha → Nitcross: Single Parents/Pais solteiros/Padres solteros, Nitcross → Otra Condor Hembra - A kiss after a match & mochis/Beijo depois de um jogo e Mochis/Beso después de un partido & mochis, Otra Condor Hembra → Miau - Midnight stroll by the beach/Passeio na praia de noite/Paseo en la playa de noche, Miau → Balta - Steampunk AU & Luciano holding a knife to Martín’s neck & kissing / Steampunk AU & Luciano apontando uma faca para o pescoço do Martín & beijo / Steampunk AU & Luciano con un cuchillo/beso, Milena →  May:  Historical AU (F/F) - Colonial times/AU Histórico - Tempos Coloniais (Português), May →  Thamires: Quarentine/Quarentena/Cuarentena (Português), Thamires →  Maju: Ghost Martin/Fantasma AU, Maju → Oxiosa: Pride & Prejudice/Orgulho & Preconceito/ Orgullo & Prejuicio (English), Oxiosa → Zulenha: Spies/Espiões/Espías  (English), Caju → Sleepyshell: Steampunk (Português), Aluha → Berseker: Hunger Games/Jogos Vorazes/Los Juegos del Hambre AU (English), Berseker → Caju: Historical AU - Guerra do Paraguai/Guerra de la Triple Alianza (Portuguese), Caju (pitch-hitter) → Mitsu: Family/Família, Mitsu → Daftgray - Little kids/Criancinhas / Niños. Chegamos ao fim do nosso Amigo Secreto Brarg, com lindas fics e fanarts para começarmos o ano. 443 deviations. Ver más ideas sobre latin hetalia, hetalia, mundo comic. Luciano speaks some Italian, but he isn't fluent. "cares about": Chile, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde, Paraguay. You can put any Project on here You guy can make the rules . Jul 01, 2018. He also gets along well commercially with America (being one of the largest trading partners of Brazil). They share many commercial and military agreements, despite Brazil losing against Argentina in the War of Brazil and winning against it in the Platine War. Agradecemos mucho su participación y entusiasmo. Besides their usual fights now and then, they both like each other (even after World Cups). Mama-Brazil. These festivals bring together various people from all over the country. APH: Pro BrArg | ver.III xioccolate 18 0 LH: New Year Kiss zulenha 117 21 Latin Hetalia - Brazil x Argentina luzb 72 28 BrArg Is My Hetalia OTP ChokorettoMilku 32 3 LH: Valentines zulenha 174 18 Argentina pairings and groups Asha Baldwin. Said troper *IS* Uruguayan, and I am offended when Uruguay is depicted as "the Aryan white man of South America", which is the case in Latin Hetalia. Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings; Argentina/Brazil (Hetalia) Argentina (Hetalia) Brazil (Hetalia) This character is part of the Latin Hetalia community at both LiveJournal and deviantART. WOW I LOVE BRICS. In 2018 it was considered the 153rd among 180 countries with the most economic freedom by the Heritage Foundation. great ask tho, i would like to listen to other opinions about these too , An other Adriano Mexicano of the Adriverse. Lu likes to call him "sweet curmudgeon" from time to time, which irritates Portugal. Luciano has brown skin, brown eyes, short, black hair and a strong but not that tall body. Lu sees China as a kind of older brother and China seeing him as a younger, and gets very angry if disturb with Luciano and vice-versa. Brazil and Argentina Argentina: Ignore him Maradona, we are more dangerous than that prick. Both like to drink vodka together, even though Luciano always gets drunk faster. Anyone can join 2. Este es la Latin Hetalia RP. Lu does not think that he is the best country in the world but knows he has something special and wants everyone to see that. Ver más ideas sobre latin hetalia, hetalia, chile y argentina. 2:54. Both share a love for beer despite the fact that Brazilian beer is very different from Germany's. Both get along well and like to take pictures in a "swag" style with sunglasses. :D (this blog's avatar was made by Nefis.) he never were, even (or specially) in the situation they were. Hi, who would you say are the nations Brazil cares deeply about? Agradecemos muito à participação e o entusiasmo de vocês! Daniél is Paraguay. (Brazil X Female!Reader Oneshot) - [Some people in this world are born with powers- each one unique to its owner. 4 Comments. HongCrocker School. Arrogant, narcissistic, proud, self-centered, lover of the good life and kinda carefree; that's how you could see Martín, a young blonde man with green eyes who has been spending years promoting his magnanimity and power, even if it’s all talk. Luciano and China get along very well, with very good business relations. He perceives himself under the complex "poor man", but without neglecting the illusion of "great man". tupiniquim-hot-mess. Lu likes to call him "sweet curmudgeon" from time to time, which irritates Portugal. Latin Hetalia Hetalia Axis Powers Brazil Deviantart Cartoon Manga History Country Anime Meme. Except for the design of this personification of Brazil, Luciano da Silva, which was created by Livs. A page for Brazil OC // Luciano lovers <3 10:00. Do you think Luciano heard about the 1775 Lisbon earthquake and tsunami at the time? He's the type of person who has high expectations of himself, but always afraid of not being good enough to fulfil them. Luciano da Silva is a fan-made character in the anime and manga series: Hetalia: Axis Powers. India is a cousin to Luciano, as a result of Portuguese colonization. Still, Russia does not like Brazil to get too close to his sisters, but Lu says he will never do anything to them, especially with Ukraine, whom he likes very much. Russia also asks if he would like to be a "one with him" and Luciano says no. #hetalia #aph hetalia #axis powers hetalia #hetalia mexico #latin hetalia #hetalia oc #aph mexico #ask mexcio #mexico oc. 397 likes. Brazil has a good relationship with Alfred, both are very cheerful and energetic, and share a certain love for video games and burgers, even though Brazil tells him to eat less. Jul 20, 2020 - Explore Dotisthe 1's board "Hetalia" on Pinterest. Veja mais ideias sobre hetalia, memes engraçados bob esponja, frevo dança. i think it was a period of time that they did not speak that much. P.D. The Brazilian economy has the characteristic of being concentrated in the state. It is difficult to predict how he will react, and he might miss a great offence because he wanted to fight. A quienes vivan en México no se les olvide ir a votar a su casilla designada :D. APH Canada hetamexico gyrhs matthew williams. Brazil: :3 (Argentina has a doll, of Diego Maradona who was a famous soccer player from Argentina. Brazil and Colombia. Luciano was disappointed when he lost to Germany in the World Cup, which took place at his home, but he has moved on; after all, he does not hold grudges and he laughs off his defeats. helo-art brargweek brargweek2020 semama brarg hetalia hetalia axis powers hetalia world stars latin hetalia hetalia au grease au i don't even know if it's considered a grease au but just for the ref brarg aph brarg hws brarg lh brarg aph brazil hws brazil lh brazil … Luciano and Italy also share a love for pasta, since italian cuisine has also influenced the brazilian cuisine.

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