Transnet Port Terminals (TPT) only invites and accepts quotations from prospective Respondents . These ports are Richards Bay, Durban, East London, Port Elizabeth, Mossel Bay, Cape Town and Saldanha. During boarding or disembarking, a ship’s officer and at least one deckhand should be in attendance. For final boarding, consult Port Control. // -->. TITLE PORT OF SALDANHA OIL SPILL CONTINGENCY PLAN PROCEDURE NUMBER : IP11: 4.4.7 REVISION :03 ISSUE DATE : 15 October 2007 Name Designation Signature ORIGINATOR L Metcalf Environmental Manager L Metcalf REVIEWED BY P Stowe Harbour Master P Stowe APPROVED BY E Kearns Port … After boarding the vessel upon completion of docking, a single officer will handle the formalities for customs, immigration and port health. The ladder must be a clean pilot ladder, well secured and clear of obstructions or discharges. Thereafter when the vessel is in a position 12 miles from the pilot boarding station, again call Port Control to receive pilot boarding time and final berthing instruction. The master, in consultation with the pilot must authorise the agent to order a helicopter for boarding. Under normal conditions the typical tanker will be required to put out 6 lines each end, 4 breasts and 4 springs. The tugs have a bollard pull of 42 tons each and are maintained to the Department of Transport’s standards. Vessels in ballast are boarded in position 230 by 2 miles from North Head and loaded vessels in position 283 by 3,7 miles from South Head. Iron ore is delivered to the port along a dedicated ore railway from the mines near Sishen in the Northern Cape, nearly 900km away. CUSTOMER SERVICE: Tel (+27) 022 703 5401   Navigational services are offered by the Port Control centre on a 24-hour basis. Vessels must be sufficiently ballasted to permit safe navigation within the harbour. The Saldanha based tugs are named JUTTEN, MARCUS and MEEUW and are 1976-built Voith Schneider tractor tugs each with a bollard pull of 43 tonnes. 2,194 were here. The turning basin seaward of the jetty has a diameter of 580m and a depth of -23.2m CD. Transnet National Ports Authority is one of five operating divisions of Transnet SOC Ltd. PORT ENGINEER: Tel (+27) 022 703 5464 Bidder who … Island View Project ; Operation Phakisa; Contact Us. There is also an 874m long multipurpose quay for the handling of breakbulk cargo and a 365m tanker berth at the end of the ore jetty with a permitted draught of 21.25m alongside. The entrance channel has a minimum width of 400m. PORT MANAGER: Tel (+27) 022 703 5472  Saldanha : Functions Port Control / VTS (Vessel Traffic Services) Centre. The Port of Saldanha Bay, South Africa's largest natural anchorage and port with the deepest water is 60 nautical miles northwest of Cape Town. More details of these are expected to be forthcoming. The bulk of the cargo handled however was iron ore for export. Three tugs (owned and operated by Transnet National Ports Authority) are stationed at the port for assisting with docking and undocking operations. Tel (+27) 022 703 4105 Saldanha Bay has yachting marina facilities and a NSRI base for sea rescue. A telephone is compulsory for tankers and is placed on board immediately after docking. Port Volumes: Tel (+27) 022 703 4933 Transnet Overview; TNPA Overview; Our Business Units. Transnet National Ports Authority Transnet National Ports Authority is a division of Transnet … email The recommended boarding positions are marked on the chart. Transnet National Port Authority in the Port Of Saldanha is searching for a dynamic individual for our two year YoungProfessional In Training Programme.The successful candidate will receive exposure within the Human Resources Department. HARBOUR MASTER: Tel (+27) 022 703 5314  google_ad_client = 'pub-6435688934833075'; This required the construction of a railway more than 800km to the mines at Sishen in the Northern Cape and the construction of a deepwater jetty in Saldanha Bay to accommodate the Capesize ore carriers. Island View Project ; Operation Phakisa; Contact Us. Marine Craft: In 2015 cargo handled by the port totalled 71,819,867 tonnes, including oil imports. Iron ore - Sishen - Orex The Iron Ore Terminal is the largest iron ore export facility in Africa and South Africa’s only dedicated iron … No Waste Disposal Licence is needed for waste disposal services provided directly to Transnet National Ports Authority, in terms of an agreement entered into following a procedure that is fair, equitable, transparent, competitive and cost effective. The iron ore jetty is 630m long with a permitted draught of 21.25m alongside. The estimated time of arrival of a vessel destined for Saldanha should be confirmed by calling the Port Control on Channel 16; 48 hours, 24 hours and 12 hours then again at least four hours before that arrival time. Safety radio certificate, load line certificate. The first deliveries of iron ore were exported on the vessel Fern Sea during September 1976. The port has developed into a modern harbour only recently, when it became necessary to facilitate the export of iron ore from the Northern Cape. The following must be available for inspection: A fast pilot launch with radar and VHF operates at Saldanha. SEA RESCUE: Tel (+27) 022 714 1726 The entrance channel has a minimum width of 400m. During the calendar year 2015 the Port of Saldanha Bay handled a total of 618 ships with a total gross tonnage of 40,225,933-gt. Too light a draught could well delay the docking of a vessel in windy conditions or prejudice her safety. If the tide is ebbing, the pilot will decide whether there is sufficient time for the operation to be completed safely. Transnet Overview; TNPA Overview; Our Business Units. The port recorded no containers handled during 2015.