If you're interested in stimulus checks, here's what we know so far about the bid for a $2,000 per person stimulus payment and what's been said so far about a third stimulus check in 2021. Virginia to add $300 in federal funds to unemployment President Trump signed an executive order to provide $300 to $400 a week and Virginia is … Thumbs down, Gov Murphy is treating nj residents badly keeping them in the dark over these LWA payments. Do you worry about the repo man coming for your vehicle? If you were laid off, the state unemployment office would calculate whether you'd receive benefits for the $30,000 via PUA or $20,000 via unemployment insurance but not a combination of the two. Not a lump sum. Do not file a new claim and await for instructions from PA L&I DOL. Q: UGH… MR. No payment yet into my TD Bank account, but I called them and they said there is the $1800 payment pending that will clear tomorrow. Each state's labor office provides information about its particular unemployment benefits. Judy, you wanna take this question? There will not be a payment this week. Yea, just relax, it’s coming….Heard that for weeks now. I have that. You folk in Alaska are quite funny. Please leave a comment if you find updated or incorrect information reflected in the table and I will review/update accordingly. Unfortunately, they responded by saying unemployment is responsible for all questions. This is a FACT. After that, states and territories will need to submit a Lost Wages Additional Week Request one week at a time for funding to pay claims for subsequent weeks. No additional funding after that, unless Congress approves a new stimulus bill (see home page for details). That being said, a Monday federal/banking holiday DOES delay ACH deposits as all of those must go through the Fed Res for processing- just like last week. (As he pretends to write it down on his “memo pad” with a pen with no ink. Pat… (Ugh… yeah Governor.). First of all, NJ was boasting about how they’re one of the “FIRST STATES”, to issue these payments to their recipients as they “Planned Ahead & Anticipated” that the $600 Program would be reinstated. Is your state sending out additional federal unemployment checks? Checks are authorized to last until March 14, but there's an overflow period that lasts until April 5 for those who exhausted their state's benefits before the expiration date. I am dumb. nothing. So frustrating…, See this article for the latest on Wisconsin LWA – https://www.savingtoinvest.com/wisconsin-unemployment-insurance-benefits-help-and-enhanced-ui-programs-pua-peuc-fpuc-status-and-information/, Nevada sucks… Please does anybody have any information about Nevada? However, none of the top leads in the Dept are willing to give a projected nor precise date on when that is happening and instead have thrown other Depts under the bus. Alaska UI is still testing the LWA program as of 10/27 and is still finding glitches in the system. A: Ugh… that’s a good question for Anthony or Robert. It takes 30 days to starve, we’re at like 70 and waiting…. Moving payment date out to end of this week (Oct 23rd). And way to throw your people under the bus Cathy. You need to wait for those programs to be updated in AK to get the $300. Once GDOL updates systems they will make back payments for eligible weeks. Alaska is pitiful…..how can they be this far behind…….48 other states are done with that and Alaskans havent received a single coin as of yet and the website after all this time only saying there still accesseing president trump executive order from MONTHS ago, Is there anyone in sc hasn’t received there lwa it’s been 4weeks @ nothing showing in my portal, I still haven’t got anything and called several times and they say keep waiting, My husband has not received his and he hasn’t received his regular benefits since he applied for the lwa, Definitely something wrong with that. California’s Employment Development Department (EDD) just announced it will start paying out the sixth and final week of the Lost Wages Assistance program from the week of 10/12. Also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for real time updates and videos, Table Notes: $300 FPUC Weekly Unemployment Stimulus Payment Status by State Tracker. (Try to be nice though), Your email address will not be published. I ask as there’s are a lot of conflicting information out there. I’ve gotten emails that contradict and support that so who knows. Alaska UI LWA will begin distributing payments NEXT week, officials said. Well its now Mid Oct!!! Checks your prepaid Bank of America cash pay cards issued by unemployment as soon as you can today and check to see if yours has arrived as well ! But not cleared til tmrw, See latest updates for NJ in this post – https://www.savingtoinvest.com/new-jersey-nj-division-of-unemployment-insurance-600-fpuc-and-pua/, Hello- I live in New Jersey and was curious to know if anyone receiving PUA benefits has received the $1800 promised by the state. Its frustrating that they are now among the last two states to make payments, despite receiving the full 6 weeks for funding from FEMA. My first payment was 300 on SATURDAY oct 3rd. now they are saying due to old computers in the system there is a delay??? If a pilot were to make an error while flying, it’s safe to assume that they too would lose their license or at the very least have some repercussions behind it. ok people so I just read we have a date for the week of the 19th!! January 7th (regular UI). It may be some time before states will determine whether they will or not after the bill gets passed. PUA and PEUC programs are being updated to allow the extended payments to be applied for existing and newly eligible claimants. The White house criminals.. haha. “This week has not yet been processed” as of 12:30AM AKST. Considering most claimants have already filed for this week and awaiting ACH deposit, I would not expect ANY LWA payments to be made until next week on Tuesday- IF at all. As for PEUC it’s been updated that they will pay for 1 week a d then update further when they know more. Keep certifying if have an active claim balance. Some people reported trying 100’s of times before getting through to someone. This includes claimants receiving any type of regular unemployment insurance benefits as well as those receiving PUA and PEUC benefits. Or very soon I was stressing hard. Though the language of the stimulus bill doesn't specify whether the unemployment bonus is retroactive, that doesn't appear to be the case, The Washington Post has reported. I got my 300 today. You can try applying but it is likely tat funding for the LWA program has run out. So when? When will our lastc3 weeks come? Some of us are taking down names and when they think this is over we’ll be right there to remind the world of their failure. PUA and PEUC recipients are still waiting. 5. When Will the $300 Unemployment Benefits Start? How is every single state being paid or are completely DONE payments and we haven’t even started yet..let alone have an actual date!!!! That is reassuring! The EB is the most worrisome of all, if there update to their site means what it says, those people will be going 3 months with no payment. Paying from the week ending Jan 2, 2021 for all programs, DWD began paying the additional $300 available through CAUWA on regular UI claims on Jan. 8, 2021 (still to pay those who have need to reapply for extended coverage period), No payments as of Jan 12th, official update is they are still updating systems based on DOL guidance, No payments as of Jan 12th, official statement is “We are going to have to, with the new CARES Act, go in and reprogram because they (the federal government) changed, once again, who qualifies for this extra $300.". After about 100 back and forth emails with about a dozen that were brave enough to respond, either personally or as a couple of very important and busy ones did, through instructing an aide to respond, I’m no closer to aquiring a set of calender vectors to know what day it will arrive. Add the fact that the Dept is dangling the carrot at us in releasing it over 6 weeks is ludicrous. Subscribe now to get the latest updates, exclusive content and related articles delivered directly to you.

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