COMPETITOR (3) EVENTS are intended for progressive Starters moving up and intermediate players desiring to increase their competitive experience. These are introductory competitive events, open to all players enrolled in Junior Grand Prix Tennis.  All Competitor players will be ranked using the ARC1 Ranking System. The “Competitor” events would be comparable to Level 7 events in Florida, and Open or Challenger events in other USTA Sections.

10 AND UNDER TENNIS is designed for players 10 years of age or younger. These players use a Green Dot Ball and play on a full court, using regular NO-Ad scoring. The winner of each match will have won 2 sets of 6 games each, at 6-6 they play a set Tie-Break (first player to 7 points), and if they are at one set all, they play a match Tie-Break (first player to 10 points wins). Based on the number of registrants in this age bracket, the Tournament Director may elect to play either Round Robin or First Match Loser Consolation. In some instances, children may not be categorized by gender. The Tournament Director and Referee, without any written prior notice, may join categories and change the format of play.

12, 14, 16, AND 18 & UNDER TENNIS are designed for players wanting to participate in their first competitive experience. These players use a regular Yellow ball and play the best of 3 Tie-Break Sets, using a match Tie-Break in lieu of a third set. Based on the number of players in each bracket, the preferred format of play will be “First Match Loser Consolation” (FMLC) draw. “First Match Loser Consolation” draws offer the players who lose in their first match, whether they have a bye or not, a second match in the Consolation Draw.  The Tournament Director and Referee shall do everything in their power to ensure players get 2 full matches per event. These age brackets also will use “AD” scoring, unless otherwise specified. Please note that based on court availability and weather conditions, formats and scoring can be changed at any time by the Tournament Director and or the Referee with no prior written notice to the players, to the extent that alternate scoring methods can be used within the same draw as deemed necessary.  Junior Grand Prix Tennis uses “Short Sets” (starting at 2 games all in both sets) as their first choice in alternate scoring formats. Other format adjustments may include using No-AD scoring as a very last measure to ensure the completion of the tournament. Doubles will also be offered in various “Competitor” events. Doubles will use “Short Scoring”, (starting at 2-all in each set). If players get to 6-6 in a set, they will play a Set Tie-Break (first player to 7 by 2), and if they split sets, they play a Match Tie-Break (first player to reach 10 by 2). 

Note* A player may only play at their level (division/age bracket) or above never down.

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