CHAMPION (1) EVENTS are the highest level Junior Grand Prix Tennis offers. They are specifically designed and intended for players with significant playing experience and for players who have achieved success and wins at both the “Competitor” and “Challenger” levels. In specific events, players may be selected based on their current Junior Grand Prix Tennis ARC1 Ranking. This ranking system will be able to identify the players who have demonstrated the ability to partake in these highly competitive events. The Ranking status of players in Champion events will be reflected on a Regional, National and Global scale.

ALL Champion events will use a FULL-Feed in Consolation Draw for Singles, and use Single Elimination Draws for Doubles. In some events, First Match Loser Consolation may also be used. Draws sizes for “CHAMPION” events will be limited to 128 for each age bracket, and draw of not more than 64 for Doubles. With no prior written notice to the players, a Tournament Director or the Referee can change the format of play, in the event of inclement weather or serious delay, to the extent that alternate scoring methods can be used within the same draw as deemed necessary. Junior Grand Prix Tennis uses “Short Sets” (starting at 2 games all in both sets) as their first choice in alternate scoring formats. Other alternate scoring methods may also be used to complete the tournament. The preferential cancelation policy to complete play shall be: Doubles Consolation, Doubles Main Draw, Consolation Singles, Main Draw singles.

Note* A player may only play at their level (division/age bracket) or above never down.

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