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WELCOME to the ARC1Ranking score submission page.

Here you will learn how to submit players scores to be rated and ranked by the ARC1. All event scores must be from a sanctioned event and submitted by a sanctioned Tournament Director. All scores should be placed on a simple worksheet, like a Round-Robin, Microsoft Word or Excel. The ARC1 has provided these score sheets fully formed for your use, however any worksheet may be used.

INSTRUCTIONS - The spreadsheets "examples" below are the formats that should be followed when submitting scores to be Rated and Ranked.

WORKSHEET 1 - Place your Name, Event Date, and the Event Location on the form (see red). When entering players names use the exact names (first and last) as the ones used when they registered into the JGPT system (no nicknames please).

Place the players names along with the last 3 digits of their JGPT member ID number if available as outlined on the form below (see red). NOTE: The player who has won the MOST games/points for that match/round must be placed in the first column. Place the total points scored by each player in the final corresponding boxes.

When you have completed entering the names/scores, send the Text/Excel/Word file to the following email address ( All files must be received from the TDs Email address on file with JGPT.

Please Note: ALL SCORE SHEETS MUST HAVE THE BALL COLOR WRITTEN ON EACH EVENT - Red, Orange, Green, or Yellow. All scores must be received within 7 days of the event date or they will be rejected, and the TD will be placed on notice. No scores will be ranked until full payment has been received. Once scores have been sent in, you will receive an invoice through your email. Paymant can be made here. CLICK HERE FOR PAYMENT SUBMISSIONS

WORKSHEET 1 Below - The total number of games in any match (won and lost) should be combined even if there were sets played. Example: Match 1 (below) Fred Alexander played Illie Nastase. They tied in a 14 game match each one winning 7 games. They played a 4 game tiebreak and Alexander won all 4 games. The 7 plus the 4 gives Alexander 11, which is placed in the most games won box. Illie Nastase has 7 games won posted in the least games won box.

WORKSHEET 2 Below - This is a simple round-robin worksheet. Player names are placed on the left side vertical and games won horizontal. Example: Rod Laver played Steffi Graff and Steffi Graff won 8 games to Rod laver's 5. Steffi Graff played Billie Jean King and tied 6 games each. Usemultiple sheets and create flights when necessary.

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