You hit a first serve into the net. The ball then rolls out six feet from the net on your side, and you leave it there. You get your second serve in, and in the middle of that point, your opponent hits a short shot that lands on the ball you left there, bouncing sideways so as to make it unplayable. What's the result?

1. You win the point.
2. You lose the point.
3. You replay the point.
4. You only replay the point if you would have had a play on the ball had it not hit the other ball.

You serve the first game of the first set in a doubles match. Your team wins the set 6-2. Who serves the first game of the second set?

1. You.
2. Your Partner.
3. One of your opponents.
4. Either you or your partner: The two of you can choose.

Answer to question 1) is (2) Answer to question 2) is (4) 

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