The ARC1 Global Ranking System (ARC1) was devised and created by two Algorithmic Mathematicians. Combining mathematical calculations, probability, and statistics, makes this nonlinear system one of the most accurate to be developed in the Sporting Industry. These three systems work in unison to produce a Skills Rating Number (SRN) and an overall Ranking Position Number (RPN). After the Skills Rating Number (SRN) has been calculated, it is combined with the players’ tournament statistics to create an accurate Ranking Position Number (RPN). This enables us to rate the players accurately in each specific Division and age bracket. JGPT is proud to be the exclusive licensee of the ARC1 Global Ranking System.
Unlike other point based ranking systems, there is no way to manipulate the ARC1 to your advantage, and it is impossible for players to artificially advance by not competing in an event, or by avoiding a specific player. The ARC1 uses a scale from 1 - 6, calculating to infinity, but only showing to the fourth decimal place (2.4431, 5.6729 etc…). The number 1 represents a novice rating, with 6 being the most advanced. Using this scale, the ARC1 Global Ranking System calculates and measures each game played on a weekly basis. The ARC1 does not calculate or consider a ranking based solely on a player’s win loss record. Therefore, every game of every set of every match counts, thus creating a competitive drive in the players whether in the Main or Consolation Draw. In light of the intricacies of the system and its algorithms, it is actually possible to lose a match and still advance in the standings, creating the drive to play hard to the end. Search Rankings
JGPT offers 4 Tournament Divisions listed below. STARTER (4) is an entry level event played in one day. A COMPETITOR (3) is an intermediate level, whereas CHALLENGER (2) and CHAMPION (1) events are designed for advanced intermediate players and up. The STARTER Division level will offer 4 age brackets whereas the COMPETITOR will offer 5 age brackets, the CHALLENGER Division 4 age brackets, and the CHAMPION Divisions will have 3 age brackets. Regardless of the level, each Division will have their individual skills level from 1 - 6. Please see the chart below, and if you would like a more detailed explanation of the Divisions, please go to the “HOW IT WORKS” tab. 
CHAMPION (1)     
Any age to 25 Yellow Ball 78" Court
Ages 10 to 15 Yellow Ball 78" Court
Ages 16 to 25 Yellow Ball 78" Court
10 & Under Green Dot Ball 78' Court
12 & Under Yellow Ball 78' Court
14 & Under Yellow Ball 78' Court
16 & Under Yellow Ball 78' Court
18 & Under Yellow Ball 78' Court
8 & Under Red Ball 36' court
10 & Under Orange Ball 60' Court
12 & Under Green Dot Ball 78' Court
14 & Under Yellow Ball 78" Court
NOTE: Any player from any age bracket and Division may play up into any single event anytime. A player may only play at their level (division/age bracket) or above never down. Upon a players 15th birthday they will be moved up to the Competitor Division from the Starter Division. When a player reaches 19 years of age they will be moved up to the Challenger Division. 

When you register and sign up for your first event, you will be assigned a Membership Number and a Skills Rating Number (SRN). The more matches played, the more accurate your SRN will become.

Once a player is rated and ranked by the ARC1, they will remain in that specific division/age bracket until one of two events occur; 1) They notify JGPT of their intent to permanently move up into another Division. 2) They age out of their existing bracket and will automatically be moved up.

If a player would like to permanently move up into a higher division in the ARC1 Global Ranking System, they must contact JGPT at info@jgptennis.com to request the change. For the continuity of all events, JGPT has the sole discretion to permanently move a player up or down in any Division at any time.

*Note - JGPT ranks children based on their natural age and not in the age bracket in which they play. The ARC1 takes into account the variables of players playing up in age and Division as well as their gender. Therefore, even if your child plays up in an age bracket or Division from time to time, the ARC1 measures them solely upon their age. If you would like to permanently move your child up into another Division please contact info@JGPTennis.com

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