JGPT and the ARC1 (ARC1Ranking.com) is the exclusive ranking system for JGPT and has now ranked thousands of players throughout 32 countries. Any event (tournament) in any location can be part of the ARC1/JGPT family and we welcome any and all junior level players around the world to be rated and ranked by the ARC1.

JGPT offers two different and unique ways for an Event Coordinator (EC) AKA Tournament Director (TD) to be part of the ARC1Ranking experience:

1) Simply running your events and submitting the scores. In fact, almost all events rated  by the ARC1 are private JGPT events and not shown on the website. This is mainly due to language barriers and exchange rates in countries outside of the USA as well as private clubs throughout the world.

2) The newest way is to utilize JGPT’s full service website, which includes their software, merchant’s services, marketing and database, and support staff.

Any way you chose, every player rated and ranked must be enrolled as a member of Junior Grand Prix Tennis and the Event Coordinator (EC) must be vetted and approved by the JGPT Board.

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