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JGPT is a new and innovative pathway for Directors, Instructors, Coaches or any talented individual to host events with the support of the JGPT Brand and all the systems and services they offer including the ARC1 Global Ranking System (ARC1). The (ARC1) is the exclusive ranking system for JGPT and has now ranked thousands of players throughout 32 countries in more than 4000 annual events (tournaments). In fact, any event (tournament) in any location can be part of the ARC1/JGPT family and we welcome all junior level players around the world to be rated and ranked by the ARC1.
JGPT strongly believes that the TD is the most important component for any successful event. Therefore, we only sanction the TDs, not the facility. This in turn allows them to host events where and when they desire, creating freedoms that have never been seen before in the Tennis industry.
Our TDs can host at any facility they deem appropriate for their events, and there is no venue too small. There are many event designs that allow TDs, many of whom may never have been considered by other large sanctioning bodies, to host our events.
Please take a moment to look at the “How it Works” to familiarize yourself with the different tournament divisions, age brackets, and event formats available to you. If you would like to pursue the possibility of hosting a JGPT event, please email us by using the link below and one of our Endorsement Committee Supervisors will get back to you as soon as possible.
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