Details and Notices
NOTICE 5/10/2019 – There will no longer be a 10 and under category in the Competitor division. Once all players age out, the age bracket will no longer be displayed.
NOTICE 5/1/2018 - TO ALL TDs, All scores must be received within 7 days of the event date or they will be rejected, and the TD may be placed on notice. No scores will be ranked until full payment has been received. 
TO ALL PLAYERS, if you have played a JGPT event and did not see your ranking updated, please send a note to support@jgptennis.com with the date and location of the event along with the TDs name. 
NOTICE 10/1/2017
All STARTER ages are now showing the top 200 players. All COMPETITOR ages are now showing the top 100 players. All CHALLENGER ages are now showing the top 75 players. If you do not see your name in the top tiers, you may view your standings by going to the “MY ACCOUNT” tab, and then by clicking on “MY CHILDREN”. There you will see your Skills Rating Number (SRN) along with your Ranking Position Number (RPN). Please note the example below.
Bill Jones          
MEMBER ID        
Starter- B14
225 of 432
Bill Jones is ranked 225 out of 432 players in the boys 14 and under Starter Division. Since he is not ranked in the top 200 his information is kept private and will be visible only to him.
All players completing an event will have their ARC1 rating and ranking calculations updated on every other Saturday. If you have played in an event and do not see any changes in your SRN by Sunday please notify the Tournament Director of the event or JGPT. It may be that the TD has missed the deadline for submission or your name wasn't recorded properly on the draw sheets.
NOTICE 11/1/2015 - The continents of all STARTERS are now displayed on the ranking page. COMPETITORS will be updated soon. Please check to see if the proper continent is show alongside of your name. If it is not correct, please send us a note to Contact@JGPTennis.com. Thank You.
NOTICE 9/2/2014 - When a player ages up into the next age bracket their SRN MAY be proportionally adjusted down to reflect playing in an older and more experienced age bracket. This is also true when moving up to the next DIVISION. 
*Note - JGPT ranks children based on their natural age and not in the age bracket in which they play. The ARC1 takes into account the variables of players playing up in age and Division as well as their gender. Therefore, even if your child plays up in an age bracket or Division from time to time, the ARC1 measures them solely upon their age. If you would like to permanently move your child up into another Division please contact info@JGPTennis.com.
Please be patient as all good things take time.


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