Our Mission is to rejuvenate Junior Tennis by offering an innovative tournament platform that fosters a positive playing experience while implementing the most modern and accurate rating and ranking systems in sports.
JGPT is the culmination of many talented minds working in unison to create a simple junior tournament playing system. Our venture began by recognizing a void in the way junior competitive tennis is organized throughout the world. We then brought together many top-rated players, pros, directors, and parents from the tennis world and listened to their wants and needs.
The Platform of Simplicity (POS) brings new players into the sport, many of whom would have never considered playing tennis before. Our partnerships with “Ultra Beginning Tennis” and “Eight Weeks to Tournament Tennis” combined with the Power of the ARC1 creates a purpose to play. This excitement creates an exhilarating environment for the Directors, Coaches, Facilities, Parents and most importantly the Players.
The ARC1 addresses the need to retain players in the sport by offering them the ability to chart their own growth and ranks them with other international players in their specific divisions and age brackets. Through JGPT we now have this pathway to recruit and retain all levels of junior players.
JGPT looks forward to providing these services for all who wish to host events.
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