True or False - The greater number of players in an Event the greater the Event will be, and the players will have a better experience. Here are some successful JGPT Starter & Competitor Events that took place this year. Notice the number of players!

EASTERN STARTER -10u & 12u -10 players a little over two hours = 10 happy players, 20 happy parents, and one happy Director!

JERSEY MIXED - 8u & 10u / 14u & 16u - 20 players, 5 courts, one Director (help from his son). All were happy and no waiting around.

SOUTHERN STARTER - 12u & 14u - 13 players 4 courts 4 hours.

Big or Small You Can Do it All!  Sign up now and host your own event. No venue is too small!



We salute all the players who came out to play this weekend in both public and private events. Your support and feedback is fantastic and well appreciated by all here at JGPT. We would like to recognize the efforts of the Tournement Directors who made the events this weekend special in their own way.



Don’t try to fit players into a set tournament structure. CUSTOMIZE your tournament structure to fit your players. Be CREATIVE by thinking OUTSIDE THE BOX. JGPT allows freedoms never before seen in Tennis. Create your own Event, Choose 8u & 10u STARTERS along with 12u & 14u COMPETITORS maybe add 16u CHALLENGERS and 18u CHAMPIONS, all in the same Event. Host a Parent Player Doubles Event. Structure and Build your tournaments your own way. This is YOUR Event platform and we are here for YOU! Control your Destiny... Come and Host an Event Now!



Thank you Ishan Patel you are the 3000th player to sign up at JGPT!

Thanks to all of the 3000 players who are supporting us in our quest to rebuild Junior Tennis. Now 12% of the 3000 rated and ranked players, originate from outside the USA and represent 18 countries around the world.

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