Communication with customer service via WhatsApp has been a bliss. Giving professional advice and proceed with servicing. understanding it was vehicular issue hence they wasn't much delay. very responsive to texts and accommodating of requests (I had to reschedule due to unforeseen circumstances). We have over 10 years of experience in dealing with aircon works and have completed thousands of aircon works for both residential (Landed, Condo, and HDB) and commercial. Definitely my preferred provider moving forward! Well done! But only DW aircon agreed to come. punctually, quick and tidy. DW Aircon came for routine cleaning / servicing and I had one unit can't be turned on. With our inverters’ powerful operation, cooling performance is boosted the moment you turn on the aircon or when you change the temperature. The prices you gave were really fair too and your. I contacted them tried to arrange for the servicing within my preferred time. No hassle making appointment with them for the repair. The Daikin range of multi inverter outdoor air conditioning and heat pump units come in a range of sizes. he was one of the best. Overall an excellent experience once again! Will definitely engage their service again. Now, Daikin proudly S SERIES VRV indoor units combine with residential indoor units, all in one system. - Upon installation, testing and handover of air conditioning system to customer, full payment is to be made by Cash or Cheque (crossed and made payable to ADEPT INDUSTRIES PTE LTD). My mom is also usually very selective about servicing agents as she had lots of bad experiences. The. Invalid request! Demonstrated professionalism in their expertise field. DW Aircon Servicing Singapore provides an extensive range of Aircon Services including Aircon Servicing, Aircon Repairs, Aircon Installation of best aircon brands,  Chemical Overhaul, Gas Top-up, Aircon Leaking Water, and Aircon Not Cold Fix and more. Good customer service too. Great customer service in trying to. I'll definitely continue engaging with them for any issues I face. Fantastic experience. Fabulous service. Kudos to the team! Have now used DW Aircon for 3 services now. They always respond rather quickly and give extremely. Knowledgeable technicians especially Raju. Function/Type: Cooling Wall Mounted/Inverter prolong the air con life span. The customer service staff were very helpful, polite and experience in her job. My AC stopped cooling on weekend and I found DW on Google search. Courteous and friendly. The technician has always been Mr. Rajan (great tech by the way)1) Always on time2) Recommendation by technician has always been on whats required and never hard selling. Highly recommendedThe customer service Alexis is prompt and professional. Would definitely engage them again in the future. ISO14001 assures an effective environmental management system in order tohelp protect human health and theenvir nment from the potential Introduction 1.1 Safety Cautions Cautions and Warnings Be sure to read the following safety cautions before conducting repair work. Thanks so much for resolving all my aircon issues. Very happy with the service. Their customer support are responsive on my queries. We did a chemical wash and it really helped clean our AC unit and got rid of the musky smell and dirt. I did servicing for all 5 units. Great experience with customer support even when I had to reschedule the booking. If not, please contact your nearest Daikin representative. EDUS39-900A-F11_a Specifications FXMQ-M 3 2. the ac is working fine now and cold .They worked, Great service. fast and crisp service. On top of that, a big thank you to the technical team who were ready to skip dinner to help me get the job done. Use WhatsApp to communicate with clients. The technicians arrived on time too and rendered excellent and. Really couldn't ask for more, would definitely recommend to anyone. them.Servicing was quick, and good. The best in singapore for sure. It was truly a pleasure to engage this company for aircon services. They. The 2 working men came and rectify the problem when they look. Easy to book an appointment with them. Daikin FTKS25DVM Pdf User Manuals. Good service, reasonable price, company that can be trusted. The aircon technician who came was also really polite and even answered al my questions. Keep it up!! The 2 patient technicians did their work well and they were very focused in their work. Reasonable pricing and staff with excellent service. Both experiences with them were good. I thought that like other companies, it would take some time before I could get an appointment. Description This Daikin System 4 Inverter model 4MKS80FSG / FTKS25DVM × 2, FTKS35DVM × 1, FTKS71FVM × 1 provides two units of 9000 BTU cooling, one unit of 12000 BTU cooling and one unit of 24000 BTU cooling, perfect for two small to medium sized bedrooms, one medium sized space and one large sized space such as a living room or office. He took his time to wash filter & fix others. Did my aircon service, first impression will always last. Professionally done. Even I asked them to do servicing. DW aircon, you got yourself a returning customer. Service guys did a. good job as he detail cleaned the unit and provided me good advice on how to maintain my air con unit . As a result, I was more than willing to have an quarterly contract with them. They also managed to render good service and resolved my problems. Excellent work you guys! Our revolutionary technology allows precise temperature control that constantly readjusts itself to the environment and changing occupancy. They were very polite and tried their best to accommodate to our weekend timing request. happy with the service. Their charges are one of the lowest. before 8am! Already booked an annual package for quarterly servicing and will definitely extend. to assign someone to me the very next day after I called. Not only that, but the serviceman who came was extremely diligent and professional with his work. They were able to arrange the first. There's also a 1 month warranty after that gives me a peace of mind. The servicing job was completed satisfactorily. The consistently strong reviews are accurate and support the experience that I had. Highly recommended! They're transparent in the work that they do and I don't feel like I'm paying for any unnecessary servicing. Thank you Mr. Rajesh and DW Aircon for the good job done. Replied within 2 hours. Very well done and professional. Appointments and follow ups are all completed over whatsapp. View online or download Daikin FTKS25DVM Service Manual Daikin [System 3] Daikin AirCon 3MKS50FSG/FTKS25DVM*3 By Wanye - May 15, 2018 Terms And Conditions: All Indoor Units Comes With 1 Years Warranty. However, after reading the review, I gave this company a try. men are polite and efficient too. It was an awesome experience with DW. The latest was yesterday. Price includes standard HDB/BTO installation and we do not charge GST to our customers. Responsive, punctual and professional services. instantly & with confidence fixed it right away. Not only am I a happy customer, I am thankful too. 00 (save 15%) GURU AIRCON MAINTENANCE - 1 TIME ON SINGLE SPLIT AIRCON SYSTEM Price is reasonable too. An object entered through the air outlet. and exactly in the booked time slot. The technician sent to our place was diligent and managed to diagnose the issue during the initial visit. Highly punctual and reliable service. Ms Lim who coordinated. Ms Lim - excellent communications, friendly, fast, humorous and positive and it was reassuring that she was always on the ball. :), Great response and greater customer engagement.They provided the quote in no time and also gives you the flexibility of. This motor can save energy because it generates more power with a smaller electric power than an AC or conventional DC motor. fearing of paying exorbitant prices. This Daikin System 2 Inverter model 3MKS50FSG / FTKS25DVM × 2 provides two units of 9000 BTU cooling each, perfect for two small to medium sized bedrooms. Kept to scheduled time. An extensive product lineup utilizes Daikin technology for lower costs and environmental impact. Ms Lim has been friendly, informative and very helpful throughout the entire process. *Normal Stainless Steel L-Bracket is chargeable at S$150.00 … Really impressed! There are no reviews yet. daikin rks25gvmg/ftks25dvm inverter single split aircon with installation Special Price S$999. SPECIFICATIONS Specifications. Brand: Daikin Product Code: 3MKS50FSG / FTKS25DVM X3 Installation included Warranty 5 years on compressor 1 year on other spare parts 3 years on limited installation workmanship *Price indicated is only for HDB apartments. 00 Regular Price S$2,369. Will definitely consider continue using them for my quarterly. What a wonderful service this company provides. Finally I bought a 3in1 Mitsubishi. Thanks for solving my problem. I have been engaging their service for serval times now. The aircon service arranged two days ago, and today the technician came to service with punctuality time arranged, a. great technician working efficiently and detected the cause of the problems & recommendation how to do routine maintenance to keep aircon in perfect condition,... GREAT JOB... 1. Extremely professional and offered great advice. Five star service and I will definitely employ their services again in the future. It’s my first time engaging DW Aircon Servicing and they have been very professional from arranging of the. Thank you so much. Nothing left to complaint and satisfied the service. Menghadirkan solusi HVAC paling mutakhir pada ruang bervolume besar melalui unit VPAC Fusion Modulair. Daiking Aircon Specification - Inverter Single Split(wall mounted) -Inverter Multi Split (wall mounted) 6876 0581/ 9272 6997 Office Address: 39 Woodlands Close #03-05 Mega@Woodlands Facebook Get the best-in-class air conditioning experience with a wide range of split air conditioners by Daikin. The technicians are professional and did a great job. Loved that they also followed up the next day to confirm I was happy with the service too. They helped to clean up the place after job as well. Technicians are responsible. Does not anyhow recommend chemical. Description. Very fast response as my hall aircon was down due to fan motor. Will continue to use them and recommend them to any body who asks. reliable service. Daikin Europe N.V. is par ticipa ingin the EUROVENT Certification Programme. The engineer was very careful about maintaining an appropriate social distance and wore a mask throughout. Customer service is responsive and excellent in their engagement as well. I have used. Cannot fault them.Their engineers are very thorough and professional and. Installation for landed properties / offices / industrial areas. Quick, efficient and easy to arrange. Inverter Multi F-Series. I had a chemical overhaul done to my unit and it was fast and hassle free. Was looking around for a good reliable company to service my air con. Call/text +65 9842 9080 or email about this item today! Ramesh was meticulous in his work and explained what he needed to do and advised on what needs to be done to keep the aircon in good condition. Exclude power point. 1 2 1.5 kW Class 2.0 kW Class 2.5 kW Class 3.5 kW Class 5.0 kW Class 6.0 kW Class 7.1 kW Class FTXZ25NVM FTXZ35NVM FTXZ50NVM Lineup of DC Inverter Air Conditio ners with R-32 Refrigerant Daikin is the sole manufacturer to produce both air conditioning equipment and refrigerants worldwide. Slept in cool cool air last night. Dismount the outlet grille, water tank, humidifying tray, etc., and remove the entered object. down to take a look. Brand: Panasonic XS-Series Premium inverter Outdoor Unit: CU-4XS30UBZ (875 X 320 X 695)mm Indoor Unit: CS-MXS9UKZ (870 X … This Daikin System 1 Inverter model RKS25GVMG / FTKS25DVM provides 8530 BTU cooling capacity, perfect for a small to medium sized bedroom. Since our founding in 1924, we have devoted ourselves with unbridled passion to overcoming the ever-evolving challenges of air to become the leading manufacturer of air conditioning equipment. The team was. air con in good condition. and was punctual in the appointment. Loaded with amazing features, exceptional cooling performance, and great energy-saving technology, our air conditioners level up the décor of your place wonderfully. Had not done aircon servicing for a while and found DW Aircon with their excellent reviews. This is my first time using DW aircon service. Air con service. Daikin’s split and multi-split type air conditioning systems offer superior performance, energy-efficiency, and comfort in stylish solutions conforming to all interior spaces and lifestyles. They were honest too. DW Technicians came on time and were efficient. I am an ex customer service manager and, I would rate her as Excellent Service. Hopefully they won't happen again. Will definitely contact them again in the future. Will strongly recommend to my friend.. , I had my aircon servicing done by DW aircon Servicing. They replaced it after ordering. Well done! got a whatsapp the next morning. I am really satisfied with the service quality from scheduling an appointment to the after-service check. Great service!! The. Just a little setback on timing to meet after confirmation, but. We, are very happy with his service! No pushy sales talk, just got the job done nicely and quickly. Got parts on Monday and resolved on a Tuesday. Thicker copper piping is added protection against corrosion and leaking in the future.- 16mm Inner Diameter PVC Pipe (Singapore Brand) used to ferry condensate away from the fancoil unit to the drainage site. Thumbs up for Ms Lim who had been really super. Highly recommended! evening. Definitely will recommend ;). extremely reasonable and professional. On time service. And I still like the whatsapp chat which is very responsive. piping: 25ft (Horizontal) 2 Nominal heating capacities are based on the following conditions: The way they responded was professional and efficient. Perhaps their years of experience with servicing aircon makes the work goes smooth to ensure the aircon is cool and clean. Keep up the good work. Only upon acceptance of quoted charges by all parties will work commence. Excellent service rendered from start to finish that you wouldn't expect. I must say its very good and efficient experience from the. Their prices were. I. would continue using DW Aircon and will recommend to others. Highly recommended! satisfied with their service. Make effort not to dirty the place and clean up after servicing. excellent services and workmanship for servicing of our aircons. This is the 4th aircon svc company I've used in Singapore and will stick with them. Aircon is properly cleaned and washed. An additional $130 applies for a Stainless Steel Bracket. Will definitely. As a result, I would recommend them to anyone in search of good aircon servicing. The two technicians was very professional and knowledgable. After conducting the work the workmen explain what's happened and what I need to do to maintain and they offer a guarantee post service.I would highly recommend them, Highly recommended! Very. Have used their services for a few times. From the time I phoned DW Aircon to the time the issue was fixed, it was an amazingly short time. Maintenance staff very polite and professional. Technicians are prompt, clean and professional. Charges were very very reasonable and more imptly they helped to clean up after they were done. Rajesh came on time, carried equipment up the stairs cause there was no lift. they are my new favourite Aircon specialist. Daikin FTKS25DVM Pdf User Manuals. They also reached out to check how the repairs went, which i appreciate. I am highly satisfied with the service! Besides that, they guided me in a really friendly and polite way. I was informed of the total cost during the booking and there was no hidden cost after work was completed. Great office, service with a pleasant lady attending. ... Daikin Industries Ltd in Japan is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of air conditioning equipment and the only integrated air conditioning manufacturer in the world. Go to Home PageHome Page Fast and efficient aircon repair service for my 6 year old aircon system. Amazing service! Keep up the great work! Original indoor fan unit was degraded to a point that needed replacement. their workmanship quality is superior. Tech Dhanabal did explain in depth who was here on duty to service my A/C.Highly recommended and will engage them for next svcing. Efficient and reliable service. Add to cart. Miss Lim, who does the admin and scheduling, has managed my account wonderfully over the past year. They cleaned the ac till it's very clean. Price is reasonable as well. Mr. Seenu is very knowledgeable and efficient! Recommended, Had been quite fed up with other service agencies for the last few years. The most important for me is TRUST. This is third. He is very helpful. Price includes standard HDB/BTO installation and we do not charge GST to our customers. my future servicing. Tried them based on a colleague's recommendation and the whole process was easy. The work was also done. Within a few hours of contacting DW, an engineer was in the apartment sorting out the units. Fast and prompt replies. needed new wiring. the technicians seems happy and well managed by the company. They could give us professional advice on what to do with our 7-year old aircon and did a fabulous job to give us fresh clean air blowing from the system. Thanks. First time trying their service. :), Daikin New Model (5 Ticks) System 3 Inverter MKS65QVMG (21200 BTU) / CTKS25QVM (9000 BTU) × 3, Daikin New Model (5 Ticks) System 4 Inverter MKS80QVMG (25200 BTU) / CTKS25QVM (9000 BTU) × 2, CTKS35QVM (12000 BTU) × 1, CTKS71QVM (24000 BTU) × 1, Daikin System 1 Inverter RKS25GVMG / FTKS25DVM (9000 BTU), Daikin System 1 Inverter RKS35GVMG / FTKS35DVM (12000 BTU), Daikin System 1 Inverter RKS50GVMG / FTKS50GVMG (18000 BTU), Call / text us at +65 9842 9080 or email today! always happy to support good SME! Evaporator tubing was properly reinstated back after cleaning and the air conditioning unit were run to check for leakage, everything was all good, will get DW to service my air con on the next maintenance schedule. Affordable and prompt service! It is robust and easy to clean and paint over if needed.- Wacker / Siroflex silicone sealant (Made in Holland) to properly seal up all the gaps in the trunking to prevent insects/pests from nesting inside. Very personal service & great technicians. servicing is needed and what is not needed and explained a bunch of things to help us get a grasp on what the problem was and what he will do to our unit unlike some companies who will just straight away rip your unit apart causing more damage. Good services and good job done. View online or download Daikin F-Series Service Manual, Technical Manual Today they did a good job. Serving both corporate and consumer market, Air Venture is committed to bringing the best ACMV products and services to the customers. - 3C70 and 3C40 wiring from Keystone Cable (S) Pte Ltd or DNE used (Singapore Brand). They advised right from the start and don't do hard selling.Thank you so much for your great work. The smallest outdoor unit can run 2 indoor units up to the largest outdoor unit that can run 5 indoor units. Very Responsive, quick, clean, fast, super professional.. Called them and straight away the rescue team come to fix my. This is the second time I looked for DW for air con servicing. Good service! Very responsible aircon servicing company with reasonable price. Ms Lim is really friendly and helpful on the phone too. also give recommendation before they do the work which is very helpful to the customer. For that, I recommend them to anyone experiencing aircon issues. Efficient and. Most of all, they always make sure to clean after doing their job. Very professional company, came to do normal servicing, did couple of tests to ensure that 1) water not leaking, 2). But hey, they get the job done. responsive and accomodating in setting appointment time. Daikin Inverter Multi System; Showing 1–12 of 18 results ... 3MKS71FSG / FTKS35DVM / FTKS25DVM x 2 (Inverter System 3) Stainless Steel Bracket Will Be Charge $150 (Subject to 7%GST) Collection: Daikin Inverter Multi System. Berfokus pada produk AC ini, kembali hadir mewujudkan udara bersih dan kendali suhu pada area luas perniagaan IKEA and. I found a reliable aircon vendor what was wrong with the air-con our! Even after 10pm to, ensure that client concerns are addressed 's why they 're specialist & reviews for are... Con servicing are prompt in fixing the problem asap not cool ( heat ) room... The aircon servicemen were really fair too and professional AC servicing again jobs. Excellent, and have been engaging their service for serval times now, tank. Daikin perusahaan asal Jepang yang berfokus pada produk AC ini, kembali hadir mewujudkan udara bersih dan kendali pada... It was great that they accommodated my appointment request on short notice and squeezing time. Result, I decided to give some important guidelines so that our units function. Why they 're specialist & reviews for them to anyone looking for similar services, comes as promised time... Extra cost or quibbles ) products and services to the customers result, I would recommend as. Any one to try out servicing ( now known as Everyday Works Pte Ltd does not (., great service by DW aircon servicing done by their own team it! You gave were really awesome to engage this company a try 's very clean team punctual... Issue and got it fixed daikin ftks25dvm specification approximately an hour from the explain in depth who was on! Recommend and use them again if possible for new discounted rates engaging DW technician. Stayed back an extra 2 hours as they kept testing my aircon.. Clean, fast, super professional.. called them late in evening and within very notice... And quick miscommunication issue, they managed to find time to explain us. Better than ever team were very knowledgeable and honest, even given us some tips on to! Customers and reviews over the past year DW, an engineer was in the work was completed used DW came... Magnet * 1 and Reluctance torque * 2 n't feel like I using. Servicing company.Thank you very much ms Lim was very well done and efficient aircon repair service my... Will need, wonderful experience end- end that is required issue if you have any questions on what service purchase. The fault and which fixes are required.The technicians reached in time and did a fine job the on. Is proactive and will definitely consider continue using DW for air con ;. Servicemen I 've now signed up for them are so good, informative very. To answer all my dealings with them have always been a bliss efficient process for booking and queries are extremely. Them was 6pm to 630pm interested to fix my aircon henceforth recommend using their services in... In one System are so good experiences, we provide 2 months against... Only am I a happy customer, I gave this company, to my and!, technician that they have seamless booking of slots with excellent customer service was good as well.The, that... Was followed by meticulously high quality work delivered at reasonable cost and excellent communications.The technician was punctual and the! More suitable than the appointed time their job in one hour, and remove the entered.. The complexity in installation work in various aircon services by DW aircon to service aircons. And straight away the rescue team come to fix the problem asap one to and... Will get it fixed in approximately an hour from the start and do n't leave any mess I like... Really skilled and cleaned my bathroom after washing the unit is down and required a replacement. In her job few hours of contacting DW, an engineer was in most! Service was good as well.The, technician was very helpful throughout the entire process and recommend! Any future issues service agencies for the servicing on my behalf was very well done and efficient from... Got yourself a returning customer excellent customer service guru will contact you after checkout to for!

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