On-site science laboratory, where science fiction becomes a reality! Imagine the look on your child’s face when a birthday card that they see me hold through Zoom changes to their name on the screen, and they find the card a few moments later on their doormat. 2 Shows: Monday 16th & Wednesday 18th July. A balloon model for every child is a different option to party bags! The “Expecto Patronum” Deluxe Magic Games & Disco Party (3 hours) - Jaw Dropping! You want a performer to captivate and entertain all the different mixtures of age groups. It is designed to reunite your family on a very special day. BUY TICKETS. Round 1: The Magic Ingredient. Crazy Colin’s Magic and Mayhem Full Laughter show. - The Crazy Mix-Along Magic Show - Friday, September 11, 2020 - Find event and ticket information. Crazy Colin was fantastic at my daughters 5th Birthday Party! Family and friends cannot be together as they used to. Your child can learn how to do this trick, plus others, in a "Pay What You Can" Virtual Magic Workshop on Friday 22nd January at 4pm: Grandma and Grandad will love watching your little one laughing at Crazy Colin, learning simple and fun magic tricks (including the one with the jumping elastic band) and enjoying an online magic experience personalised especially for your family. As a Children's Entertainer in Blackpool when booking Crazy Joe you can relax knowing that you’ve booked a professional children’s/family entertainer. Perform 50 Crazy Tricks & Mind-Blowing Illusions with this Bag full of Incredible Magic Props! Should you have any questions, not answered in the above list of FAQs, please call, text, email or use the contact form. Choose from swords, flowers and dogs … or even broomsticks! – Anti-Gravity Bottle 6 Card Trick One to one, face to face, on Zoom, from Crazy’s Colin’s “Magic Broom Cupboard”. Thousands of clients have picked Crazy Colin as their choice of children’s entertainer, all across the United Kingdom and Europe. 14 replies. And if you ask the kids about any of these, they will all tell you that this doesn’t matter not one bit. **Santa Claus ** – Spike thru Coin Oh, and great news – there is no cleaning up to do at the end. CLAIRE, Preschool Christmas Show, Manchester. Theatre and club shows helped too. – Funny Card Tricks He even helped me repaint my shed. This will be PLAYED OUT throughout the birthday in soooo many ways. Contact me and I will get you sorted. About. Also… please note that weekends are busy and get booked up early. His shows always bring lots of smiles and laughter from the little ones as well as the older ones. सिक्के का जादू सीखें magic trick with Coin magic revealed. – Coin & Rings Choosing the right entertainer to perform to your school or nursery can be a challenge. Our component was the humble (but delicious) carrot. Directed by David Paul Meyer. Are they educational? The children absolutely loved every minute of it and they were kept busy the whole time. Featuring its own Battery Powered Music & Sound System… "It's… Your child learns simple and fun magic tricks. Lots of it. Crazy Science is a unique show that incorporates science, magic, comedy mime and music. Seriously. Absolutely amazing. Comes complete with Six Card Repeat and sign, but you can use your imagination to use it for anything! Birthday card “delivered” by magic. Let’s just say this… it’s totally not true that I love grabbing his sticks and running in circles. It's available self- contained, for your Main Stage (or) in its New Roving Format. If you have an event in Milton Keynes, and surrounding areas including Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, and Bedfordshire that is the main area, but if you live further away we can and will travel upon request. This option is the the affordable bespoke one. It’s easy! YES – I can entertain people in that age bracket too. THE SHOW IS AVAILABLE AS AN INTERACTIVE STAGE PRODUCTION OR IN ITS NEW ROVING FORMAT... YOU CAN EVEN HAVE A COMBINATION OF BOTH! It was a great start to our Christmas week at school. - Saturday, September 5, 2020 - Find event and ticket information. The Birthday Child is the Star of the Show! Since then we have been best buddies. Enjoy childhood emotions with fun science experiments for kids! On top of that you want someone that can wow, dazzle and delight through educational magic shows. Excellent Service. SILVER - 90 minutes straight through from start to finish involving crazy colin's magic show, party dances, games and / or disco and / or magic workshop . Please provide a clear space in the performing area for the audience and myself, a small table, access to a plug socket, and I am good to go – a parking space as close as possible is appreciated as some of the equipment is rather heavy. The “Expelliarmus” Premium Magic Games & Disco Party (2 hours) - Amazing! Your children’s birthday. When performing in school productions you have to master the art of “adapting the funny for the kid” which requires knowing your audience well. It’s all packed full of magic, comedy and surprises. A must-have! This actually means you can save money and get your friend join you for a DOUBLE PARTY. Once we have agreed on the details I will pencil in your booking and send you a booking form which you will need to send back with a deposit to confirm the booking. Filmed during his "farewell for now" tour of SA before leaving for America, this DVD has Noah delivering … The Crazy Magic Show Set. BECOME A MAGICIAN! The children always love meeting the amazing magical dog, Dizzee the Dog and seeing him get up to mischief! What can be more magical than a good story coming to you from a book. Add to cart. You can choose between Eight different audience captivating shows. public magic shows and more During 2019 you may wish to see a children’s entertainer public event. Aaron the Magic Man is a character from The CrAzY sHoW. Your child can be the star of the show and invite ALL his or her friends and family from all over the world for an epic 40+ minute magic party packed full of magic, games and dancing. – No. Complete tasks around the area and have some fun. VERY. Easy Peasy. Expecto Patronum” Deluxe Magic Games & Disco Party (3 hours) - Jaw Dropping! Colin Performs an hilarious Magic and Balloon show. This fun 30 or 45 minute Christmas Spectacular from the Man in Red is an amazing, enchanting magical show packed full of Christmas storytelling about Santa’s Hat and Beard, Reindeers, Elves, and Toys … and including all the latest Christmas gossip from the North Pole from the man himself (who apparently has been practicing his sleight of hands skills, fancy that!).

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