The showdown between Koko's men and Orchestra comes to a end that leaves a bad taste in the mouths of everyone involved. The pounding that resounded in his ears was all he heard. Back on the Atlas, Jonah tries to wait out his science lesson with Mao, but is told that he can eat only after he finishes. The kid despises those in Koko’s line of work, but following her into the darkest corners of the black market might be his only shot at avenging his family’s death. However when Mao tries to bring the subject back to the lesson, he is asked what kind of soldier he was. Koko shares her plans for the world, confident that everyone in her unit will stick with her. He has excellent tactical planning and his leadership is unquestioned, and he's the Cold Sniperof the team. However Lutz then appears and takes him to a local café where he finds the rest of the squad. When they attempt to get a better viewing angle, R beats them to it by talking to her and giving her a shoulder massage. Telling him that people like him undo his work, making him his enemy, Dragan then grazes Leon's cheek with another shot. Jonah slips out of the room in the meantime. As Koko's work is illegal under international law, she is forced to constantly sidestep both local and international authorities while doing business with armies, private militaries, and militias. Jonah must decide if he wants to stay with Kasper, rejoin Koko or follow a completely different path altogether. When Koko learned about this, she accepted it, but advised Mao to make sure that being kind would not undo him and to be proud of his comrades. ... Jormungand - Gunmetal Calico Road. When he asks about seeing the new world, Koko observes that he has noticed. The rocket lifts off, with its launch watched back at Märchen by Minami Amada, Elena Baburin, and Leyla Ibrahim Faiza while outside the rest of Koko's Squad stands watch. She then suggests that they play mahjong as they have enough players. After some R&R, Koko's Squad undertakes their new assignment, an aerial delivery into the Autonomous Region X of Republic T. However their cargo also includes ten members of Outspoken Doctors for Human Rights, who the local militia leader, Dragan Nikolaevich, tries to get handed over to him after they arrive, provoking a showdown. Dragan was a criminal as a young man but got away with due to his father's connections and now 30 years later runs the militia like criminal organization. Jonah tends to dress in a dark sweatshirt and shorts, an exception to the rest of Koko's Squad as they with the exception of Koko Hekmatyar typically wear long pants. The worst moment, however, was yet to come. Jonah comes up onto the deck where Kasper is and Chiquita tells him that he is on the phone before ruffling his hair. After Wiley swings Jonah around to throw him high into the air before landing in the water, Ugo joins in. Amidst all this, the United States and New Soviet Union have been able to establish a balance. He has a small scar diagonally underneath his left eye. He adds that Jonah's combat skills and his abilities as an arms dealer make them equal, but he will now have to be careful around Jonah, who by now knows too much about how he operates and will have to keep silent about this. It has a history of being fought over for centuries and is the home of numerous displaced peoples. At the Baikonur II Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, Koko and Kasper watch as fighter jets take out anti-aircraft units on the ground. International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, Two years later, Jonah is aboard the USS Jackson and realises that Koko Hekmatyar did not initiate Jormungand as aircraft can still fly. If she does this the invasion will be halted. Jormungand: Perfect Order is the direct sequel of the original series, Jormungand that debuted a few month after its original ending. However the world for those who bear arms will shrink tremendously. He then looks at his AKS-74U and wonders why Kasper never said anything about him bringing his guns. Child soldier Jonah is the newest mercenary hired by Koko, an international arms dealer. Four days later, Jonah wanders through Azerbaijan, where he is found by Koko and her team. Koko Hekmatyar (ココ・ヘクマティアル, Koko Hekumatiaru?) At an airport where they will depart in an Antonov An-12, Koko learns what they will deliver: goods to Planina Airport in Autonomous Region X of Republic T and a team of ten doctors from an NGO named Outspoken Doctors for Human Rights (ODH) who were denied entry to somewhere where the local military will not notice them. He reveals that he used to be in the artillery and never saw actual combat. He also deduced that she was operating independently of HCLI and that what she was involved with was so big that Jonah left her and the CIA went quiet. Rated: T - English - Romance ... A collection of one-shots from the world of Jormungand.From Koko's group to the other merchants of death, everyone has a story to tell. Valmet is standing in the shallows while Tojo and Lutz check her out. CCAT is at that moment setting up their new restaurant and also notices the wind. Koko's Squad takes some time to relax on the beach of a deserted island while traveling on the Atlas. A truck bearing more militiamen pulls up and Koko asks the captain why he lets Dragan push him around. Anime: Jormungand Perfect OrderEpisodio: 10I do not own this video. Kasper claims that he will keep his part of the bargain of protecting Jonah's friends in Japan, while giving Jonah a passport and a Swiss Bank account as a parting gift. Jormungand., An advance screening of the episode was held on December 20 at United Cinemas in. After two days of wandering, Jonah happens on a town and wonders how he can get food without knowing the local language. At Planina Airport, an air force captain takes delivery of the goods and thanks Koko. Jonah picks up his. Koko amusedly replies that she does not know, but believes that when humanity realises that they have lost control of the sky they will stop fighting, adding that she is now a former arms dealer. Lehm is drinking water when he sneezes on Tojo. Powers and Stats. She leads a squad of bodyguards with whom she travels the world conducting business. After she furiously reacts following the call, Lehm voices his doubt about the mission with a smile on his face. is the 24th and final episode of the anime and the twelfth and final episode of Season 2, Perfect Order. Jonah must decide if he wants to stay with Kasper, rejoin Koko or follow a completely different path altogether. Jonah felt the blood rushing to his brain, making him unable to think in his usual, lucid manner. Koko replies that she cannot disclose what she is up to over the phone, which is why she asked Kasper to help out with her next job, having his bodyguards protect her. The showdown between Koko's men and Orchestra comes to a end that leaves a bad taste in the mouths of everyone involved. Jonah is drifting along until Koko stops him, as he has already floated some distance from shore. Jonah grinned and nodded, "Lehm and Chiquita took me aside earlier that night and explained how things went. However as she predicted, numerous wars have broken out over various triggers and Kasper believes that they are on the verge of World War III. Jonah realizes that Koko Hekmatyar smiles all the time to hide everything else and also has an element of reckless danger. Chiquita agrees with this and Kasper continues that she will see him again, adding that Jonah developed a taste for weapons at a young age and cannot abandon them. Even with Jonah gone, Koko must carry out her plans, one step at a time. The next day, one of the doctors, a woman named Marguerite Mesner, introduces herself to Jonah, who gives his real name, Johnathan Mar. Koko stands firm despite his belligerent attitude and Dragan takes his anger out on the captain Koko dealt with by smashing his walkie-talkie into his face. At CIA headquarters, George Black is working late on a proposal for the end of wars when a gust comes in through his window, prompting him to close it. He and Schokolade were cornered by Kasper and while Chiquita held a knife to his neck, Scarecrow complained that he had stopped receiving information about Koko's activities from the upper echelons of the CIA. It comes as a shock when Jonah voices his disapproval and leaves the group. As the An-12 approaches Autonomous Region X, Leon tells his fellow passengers that if the Balkans are the powderkeg of Europe, then Region X would be the firing pin. Child soldier Jonah is the newest mercenary hired by Koko, an international arms dealer. Morality Pet: Koko recruited Jonah for this purpose.She has big plans and needs someone who is loyal but will keep her from becoming a monster, according to R. Not So Stoic: Very stoic much of the time, but this facade slips as early as the first episode, where he smiles and laughs when a bunny toy falls into the car after an explosion. Jormungand Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Obviously, Koko knew that something like this might happen and had Jonah follow her. Koko with her squad shortly after Mao was recruited. Jormungand Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Mao puts his head on the table when Jonah points out the children's resemblance to their mother. In response to Koko's sour expression, he continues that weapons will never truly disappear from the world and he will sell what he can depending on the circumstances. Koko's pyjama shirt had lost a button and was now exposing even more of her feminine curves than it already was. Back in the Cayenne, Chiquita is so mad at Kasper that she is kicking his seat and he tells her that this was his best option, noting that she had gotten attached to him as she is so upset. Koko has shown deep attachment to her team in general, going so far as to use Jormungand to save them. Two years later, with the world embroiled in conflict, Koko Hekmatyar puts the final piece of Jormungand into place. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Kasper confirms that he is with the Seventh Fleet in a position to threaten India. Shortly after, Jonah leaves Kasper's service and is reunited with Koko's Squad. After the call ends Kasper tells Jonah that they have work to do and refuses to talk to him at the moment. Dragon Shooter Phase 1 (ドラゴン・シューター・フェーズ 1, Doragon Shūtā Fēzu 1?) Every deal, every job is a tightly woven experience that blends the world of politics and business with the inevitable firefights between those who deal death on a daily basis. Child soldier Jonah is the newest member of the mercenary squad employed by Koko, an international arms dealer. Koko and Jonah go all the way in the baths. Jonah is drifting along until Koko stops him, as he has already floated some distance from shore. They will stay inside the An-12, whose arrival is reported by Dragon militiamen on the ground. Valmet grinned "I bet it was more of a watch and learn lesson for you. Lehm steps in by knocking Dragan’s pistol away and telling his subordinate to stop filming. Yosuke Hinoki is on the beach in the Bahamas contemplating the sky when Mana runs by with the family dog. Koko is an arms dealer and a member of HCLI's Europe/African Weapons Transport Division. The kid despises those in Koko's line of work, but following her into the darkest corners of the black market might be his only shot at avenging his family's death. However he thinks that it will be highly profitable, as without the sky, transport will be limited to sea and land and is sure that Floyd will approve. Type: TV Series Plot Summary: Koko Hekmatyar, a young arms dealer sells weapons under HCLI, a shipping corporation. Unlike Kasper Hekmatyar's smaller bodyguard team, Koko's Squad did not use a standard combat uniform except on certain occasions. This causes Lehm to suddenly sneeze on Tojo. Stream or Watch Jormungand (Dub) free online without advertisements on AnimeVibe | ヨルムンガンド, Jormungand, [] Sypnosis : Brought up in a conflict-ridden environment, child soldier Jonathan "Jonah" Mar hates weapons and those who deal them. It comes as a shock when Jonah voices his disapproval and leaves the group. "Yeah Lehm and Chiquita sure do make a badass couple." Lehm and Jonah's reaction are shown when Dragan smashes his walkie-talkie into the captain's face. She launches a somersault kick that sends R flying (while yelling, that her breasts are only for her and Koko to touch), knocking him out. Jonah is the only one to release his safety when Dragan confronts Koko. Child soldier Jonah is the newest mercenary hired by Koko, an international arms dealer. Having welcomed Jonah back into her party, Koko activates Jormungand. Jormungand. She has a soft spot for R and Echo. The An-12 departs soon after. After they part ways, Kasper and his bodyguards are driving away and he observes that Koko left by plane, meaning that she Jormungand has not been activated yet. Seeing this from the second vehicle, Alan pops out of the sunroof and covers Jonah as they drive away. In a war-torn city, Marguerite Mesner is in an operating room and feels the wind while adjusting an IV drip. They must get in without the local military finding out about them. On the plane, the doctors observe the goings on and Leon resolves to try to talk to Dragan. She tells Tojo that this sort of thing is not unusual when he asks, as she has seen soldiers like him all over the world. But when Koko Hekmatyar, an international arms dealer, takes on Jonah as one of her bodyguards, he has little choice but to take up arms. Jonah's cabin is different and Mao is seated next to him for the lesson. Koko is shown to have walked to Wiley, Lehm and Valmet after talking to him. The background of Mao and Koko's meeting is different. Observing the actions of a woman and a child solider during and after a mission, Ein discover's the meaning of something she never had before. Mao is floored when told that his children look more like his wife, but reveals that no one else in the squad has a family, although Lehm has been repeatedly married and divorced to Chiquita. To Koko's surprise, Kasper approves of Jormungand, although he admits that HCLI will be hit hard and wreck Hek-GG. Ironically, Jonah became the bodyguard of Koko Hekmatyar, a major arms dealer, after she offered to cover the costs of providing shelter, foster families, and education for a group of orphans that he had taken in during a previous mission. Koko is not wearing a sunhat and a blue jacket. He admits that the militia leader is considered a hero in the region and also has the support of his own troops, suggesting that she leave immediately as he will not pry into what else she has on board. When Koko tells the pilot and Ugo that they will be taking the doctors, she is thanked by their leader, Leon Riviere. Other artillerymen are shown nearby in shadow. Chiquita punches the back of Kasper's chair in anger, but stops when he switches topics to the base orphans in Japan. When he asks Koko what to do next, she tells her squad to attack the militia and they open fire. They then talk about the situations in various countries that their territories cover, which have been plunged into war or been hit with waves of terrorism. Two years have passed since Jonah left Koko and began working for Kasper. The features of Mao's family are more indistinct. Koko then appears and welcomes him back before pointing out the squad is all kitted out because the area will turn into a battlefield any minute as they are in Baku, Azerbaijan and the NUSSR has massed forces on the border to target the oil fields. Jonah thinks that he used to travel with an arms dealer, but will now travel a new world with Koko as she activates Jormungand. After addressing his men, Dragan issues an ultimatum that he will not leave until he has found the doctors and shot them while recording the whole event on video to upload it on the Internet. Koko's meeting occurs during the day and she wears pants instead of a skirt. At an airport, Koko is looking at the sky and agrees. Kasper stops Jonah from talking to him aboard the Jackson. The doctors are hidden behind a tarp marked, Valmet and Lehm are featured in the shell cartridge during the ending credits for the first time since, The episode has a reference to Rule 61 ICTY. Torrey Plame is with his family while Amalia Torohovsky is on the road. Jormungand is an attempt to create a new Black Lagoon but just from the pilot episode you get a more than lazy shot at it. Jonah has also worn various standard equipment and uniform… He recalls her words about the 700,000 initial deaths caused by Jormungand's activation and even thinks that she is there for a moment. Jonah responds that he thinks that both she and the world are crazy, but he will stick with her. As they swim back, she tells him that he is hers. Lehm notes that this is one area he does not want to see Koko working in. The takeoff sequence is shorter. On a deck above, Kasper calls Koko and confirms that business is going well. Lehm and Mao are both in the shallows with everyone else. Jonah and Marguerite are oriented differently when they meet. Century of Shame (恥の世紀, Haji no Seiki?) The oldest member of the team and an ex-Delta Force operator, Lehm is the unofficial and de facto leader of Koko's bodyguards. Click to manage book marks. However as she predicted, numerous wars have broken out over various triggers and Kasper believes that they are on the verge of World War III. Koko is apprehensive about taking the job, but learns that HCLI has already received 60% of the payment and the balance will arrive after the delivery. Right then, Dragan himself arrives in a Mercedes-Benz and asks to see Koko’s cargo in the form of the ten ODH doctors. Tojo and Lutz admire Valmet’s figure, but caution themselves to be careful that they are not caught doing so. Koko's Squad does not wear camouflage parkas or utility vests in the same pattern. Lutz observes that they seem more like soldiers than the squad themselves and comments that he thought thatLeon was a former mercenary. Jonah is then called to the cockpit by Koko and Maggie observes that he is a cute child soldier. Officially, Koko Hekmatyar is the head of HCLI's European and African Logistics division, second only to her brother Kaspar. Spoiler alert! ... Jormungand - Mondo Grosso. She then directs Mao’s attention to their cargo, D-30 ammunition. He asks about Kisaragi Photochemical Engineering, which Koko invested in, and she replies that they are doing well as they did not have overseas factories. Although HCLI has an agreement with the local military, if the Dragons gain enough influence it will be as troublesome for Koko as it is for ODH.

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