Please click here to … Undergraduate Programmes in NUS NUS is a comprehensive university offering our students a diverse spectrum of courses and enriching them through our multidisciplinary and cross-faculty approaches. I have no interest in social sciences, engineering, design etc. There’ll be days where you don’t feel like talking to anyone but that’s fine. The University sets aside university places for consideration of exceptional candidates for admission. Notes. The Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) can be taken either as a 1-year (13-month) intensive full-time programme or a 2-year part-time programme. Bachelor of Accountancy (with 2nd Major in Entrepreneurship) What makes potential employees attractive to employers is the talent and ability to generate and execute innovative ideas. We are accepting applications for the August 2021 intake from 1 October 2020. You don’t need a background in either degrees to do well, that’s just a plus point. For non-business students, this programme prepares you for an additional career option in management. I studied a course related to humanities and social sciences in poly, but upon graduation i decided to switch to a different path. Accountancy* 507 Business* 837 College of Humani ties, Arts, & Social Sciences Double Major Programmes* 57 Art, Design & Media* 145 Chinese 73 Communication Studies* 168 Economics 163 English* 90 History* 49 Linguistics & Multilingual Studies* 82 Philosophy* 59 Psychology 134 Public Policy & Global Affairs 65 Sociology 139 Students can now choose to pursue a second Major in Entrepreneurship, offered by Nanyang Technopreneurship Centre in collaboration with NBS. Yes, it will mean dedication and work. Accountancy is going to bombard you with numbers, in-depth accounting concepts & systems and law. But that’s really not my learning style so most of the time I keep quiet. As a department we aspire to be a top accounting research […] Long gone are the days where Accountants sat in the corner away from human interaction. Nevertheless I believe these soft skills can be built up over the years~. This module provides an introduction to the financial accounting branch of accounting. As I was saying about finance, generally students from business (finance) and accountancy have the same job opportunities with the exception of audit which doesnt pay very well. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Ranked #17 in the world by Financial Times (FT) Global MBA rankings for 2019, The NUS MBA is the #1 MBA among Singapore universities, and the only one to make it to Top 20. In audit, it's not just facing the financial statements and source documents, a lot of talking to clients and building rapport to make your job a little less difficult than it already is. Under the new Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Accountancy (Acc) 2017 programme, students are enrolled directly into an Honours programme. The double degree programmes include specially-designed curriculum that capitalise on the synergy between two disciplines, allowing certain modules to count towards the degree requirements of both degrees. Edit: Hey guys if any of y’all want to share about your course hit me up through my DMs as well!! 1. You may not like it now, but in the future when you work, you’ll need to do the same things anyway so it’s good to start earlier. Personally, business mods seemed intangible and boring at first but now that I look back, I have learnt some important stuff from doing these mods. 6. It will be tough but be consistent and you will naturally do well. Learning across faculties and disciplines is highly valued and practised, with other cross-disciplinary initiatives available for a well-rounded knowledge base and transferable skills. Students who are in the BBA (Accountancy) programme are required to complete a mandatory minimum of 8 weeks of accounting or finance related internship. Enquiries or disputes surrounding its decisions will not be entertained. I've seen friends kicking themselves in the ass every time finals come around. And how is your curriculum typically structured? What’s covered in the Political Science Post: How did you become interested in Political Science? Our Professors Edmund KEUNG PhD, Washington University, St. Louis B.B.A. - Almost the entire administrative department, numbering at about five, also resigned as they found it difficult working under … What’s covered? While the median gross monthly salary of fresh graduates in full-time permanent employment was S$3,500 in 2017 - … Since NUS Acc is part of the business school, we do both business mods and accounting mods for the first 2 years. Polytechnic graduate Bernice Teo, 19, is waiting to hear if she has scored a place this year to study accountancy at the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT).. Read more at Forgot account? I am not really good with people and social events. If you're considering things like marketing, HR, entrepreneurship or operations management, then business might probably be more suited for you. MUST-READS: University Disclaimer: I have cleared this … Undergraduate Studies. I will be interviewing Uni students from various courses and getting them to share more about their course. Graduate Studies. Majority if not all of the degrees and modules in SMU require you to go out and interact with people so regardless of which path you choose, not much is going to save you there. The road of accountancy is going to be long and painful and downright hard. BBA(ACC) students planning for SEP must read the module sequence before submitting the SEP application. “The NUS Masters in Accounting is the perfect course to stand out as an expert in accounting with a solid grounding in investigative analysis. Centre on AI Technology for Humankind (AiTH) Centre for Behavioural Economics (CBE) Centre for Governance and Sustainability (CGS) Tho some suggestions and feedback: I think you should interview more than one person per course to get more range and highly suggest interviewing someone who is from year 3 or 4 with internship experience because then you can see the application as well. Note that Commercial use of MathWorks products is not covered by the TAH license. What skills have you picked up at school so far? Below are the planned modules to be taken over the next few semesters. Accounting deals with the recording, reporting and analysis of the financial transactions of a business. Most kids wouldn’t have much exposure to Accounting or Business before going to Uni, which is something I hate about our education system. I’m just promoting content that I think would be useful for those in this subreddit. Go check them out! He was one of the leaders of his Residential College and was in charge of organising orientation camps. ... (Accountancy)* 95.2% 95.2% $3,209 $3,000 $3,522 $3,020 $2,700 $3,500 Bachelor of Business Administration (Accountancy) The corresponding maximum candidature periods are 2-years and 4-years respectively. Let's make this a civil and vibrant place for open discussion! NUS Business School. The table below lets you see how the two top universities in Singapore directly compare for each subject. If your home faculty is NUS School of Computing, please direct all queries to with the subject clearly marked: "Double Degree in Computer Science/Information Systems and Business Administration/Business Administration(Accountancy) Programme". Featured Alumna Carolina Cuello, MSA 2017. Welcome to Department of Finance We offer modules that lead to a specialisation in Finance in academic programmes such as the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) for undergraduate students, Master in Business Administration (MBA), Master of Science in Finance (MSc in Finance) and PhD for graduate students. Accounting & Finance for Non-Financial Leaders. Calendar Menu Toggle. Visit our website to know more. I would have recommended NUS Biz because the 4 years actually help to pace everything out very nicely (and tbh uni is really fun, I'm not from NUS Biz but I'm from NUS Engineering and I love it!) for the VUCA world. If you're considering things like marketing, HR, entrepreneurship or operations management, then business might probably be more suited for you. Please refer here for more information on the various subject combinations.. For courses that require additional interviews/tests, applicants will also be assessed based on their performance during interviews and/or tests.. or. Several excellent PhD candidates from the Economics Department are seeking full time employment. SMU Bachelor of Accountancy New Second Major in Financial forensics The new Second Major in Financial Forensics will equip students with the knowledge and mindset needed to to detect, counter and prevent fraudulent schemes and financial crimes. A large proportion of students in our BBA […] PhD Job Market Candidates. Graduates from the programme have direct entry to the Singapore CA Qualification which is a requirement to qualify as Chartered Accountants of Singapore and be members of the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA). I’ve done 2 so far. Many students are from JC and they study mostly unrelated subjects. Accountants prepare and analyze financial statements, which serve as a useful evaluation of the company’s success or failure. Chloe shares with us what pharmacy is all about and what an average day in pharmacy is like. Tbh, I think nowadays you can’t really just work alone, you need to work in teams. Hey yo man it’s me again. STUDYING ECONOMICS IN NUS research feature Department newsletter Our Faculty. Thanks for the suggestion! You can use this account to save your progress and return later to complete the application. Is there anything you could share about future career prospects for Political Science degree holders? [Uni] If you guys want more info on NUS Accountancy and NUS Political Science, go check out!! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Wᴇʟᴄᴏᴍᴇ ᴛᴏ ʀ/SGExᴀᴍs – the largest community on reddit discussing Singapore schools and examinations. but I reckon NTU Accountancy has really nice ppl so I'm sure you'll have a good time nonetheless! Cookies help us deliver our Services. NUS Business School Accounting-General Senior Track Editor, China Accounting and Finance Review (CAFR)-since 2019; Program Director (Accounting), Asian Bureau of Finance and Economic Research Annual Conference, 2015; Member, The 2014 AAA Outstanding International Accounting Dissertation Award Committee, 2014; Editor, The Accounting Review, June 2011 - May 2014 (First Class Honours), Chinese University of Hong Kong Edmund is the Academic Director for the MSc in Accounting programme. NUS' main campus is based in Kent Ridge, but it has a Duke-NUS Medical School near SGH in Outram, and its law faculty is housed in its Bukit Timah campus. Should you switch over to another degree if you are unhappy with yours? What’s covered in the NUS Accountancy Post: How did you become interested in accounting? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. For this sharing, we have Chloe from NUS Pharmacy. What’s covered? NUS has a Total Academic Headcount (TAH) license for MATLAB, Simulink, and its toolboxes. The license allows students to install the products on personally-owned computers. Please submit your scholarships enquiries here. Student Resources Menu Toggle. In line with the lifting on Zoning from 6 December 2020, we are pleased to announce that the Internal Shuttle Bus (ISB) services will revert to the original pre-COVID routes, which were in effect before the … What made you switch from NUS Business to NUS Political Science? When this popped into our modmail it was, as far as I could tell, a personal, not-for-profit and informative website managed by an NSF - hence I gave the green light. Please leave feedback if you disapprove of this content and why; vice versa if you found it useful. NUS School of Computing . Bachelor of Business Administration (Accountancy) with Honours NUS Business School 2017 – 2021 . Just put in more effort if that’s what you really want. If you feel like this isn’t helpful or anything, do flag it up and downvote it. I graduated from NTU and did a few years of audit. It is important to note that the number of course places changes from year to year. You have to liase with investors and other stakeholders as well. Guys so recently I’ve noticed there’s kind of a lack of information on uni in the sense that we don’t know who is suitable for degrees and what kind of interests you need to have for you to enjoy certain courses. His research has been published in journals […] What modules are offered at NUS Accountancy? RESOURCES. But now i am not sure whether i want it (i.e. Not because they have strong rankings but they are very well known for producing top notch graduates and also, admission to NUS is like a golden ticket for a student. ... Register for NUS FinTech Beginner Workshops and Learn from the Best in … Thanks for the posts. Fellow redditors, i seek your advice on this matter. NUS Business School: Bachelor of Business Administration: $4,000: Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) $4,000: Bachelor of Business Administration (Accountancy) $3,000: Bachelor of Business Administration (Accountancy) (Hons) $3,500: School of Computing: Bachelor of Computing (Communications and Media) N.A. You will also enjoy all the rights and […] By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. What I enjoy the most as a PhD student here is […] This is part of the programme requirement, prior to graduation, and will constitute 4MCs from the student’s unrestricted elective module requirements. NUS Business Career Development Committee (BizCare) Accountancy. Disclaimer: I have cleared this with the mods and this is not an advertisement. Year 1 is also okay cuz syllabus changes too, so having more than one interviewee would be good. Graduate Studies. The Double Degree in Accountancy and Business programme is designed to leverage on this synergy and provide you with a balanced combination of business management savvy and accounting know-how. I don’t know if my comment would be of any help since it is late. As someone who is still considering what to do at Uni, I understand your frustration. PhD Job Market Candidates. After giving considerable thought, i think these are the only two degrees i am interested in. Welcome to Accountant Forums where you can ask questions or find answers on anything related to accountancy and taxation. With the enhanced holistic programme, our students are groomed to possess multiple skill sets in several disciplines and the know-how to problem – solve new business challenges, producing quality results and thriving in the current demanding workforce.

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